Lawyers : We are not consultants Our team is composed of immigration specialized lawyers, members of the « Ordre Professionnel des Avocats du Québec » and not of simple consultants.  The advantages to be man and van crawley are numerous and often decisive in the immigration process. The Canadian immigration service has published a comparative chart for the two services and is exposing all the actions that only a lawyer is skilled to accomplish in the immigration domain.Link: Comparative chart of  Immigration CanadaReturn
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Winning cases One of the major reasons of our success resides in our unequalled success rate, we are only taking care of winning cases.  During the first meeting, we immediatly inform you of your chances of success.  This way, we can offer you our guarantee of result or you will be reimbursed.Return
Assurance of a good preparation before the interview To make sure all our clients are accepted, we have created a formation for the preparation to the interview.  This method is rigorus, complete and personnalized for each client. This method includes amongst other things, french courses, english courses, attitude courses and information seminars. We assure you a continuous and personnalized service throughout the process because your acceptation is important to us.Return